Blue Sky

When I took a job with BYU Grounds Crew the summer before my junior year, I was advised that during the winter months, the grounds crews were responsible for clearing the campus walks and roads during snow storms.   I was told that meant I would get a call at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning to go shovel snow.  I asked how often that might happen.   I was told it was usually only 2 or 3 times each winter.

That summer and fall, I loved working with the grounds crew.  I love gardening, yard work and being outside, so it was a perfect job for me.  I also go to know some wonderful people and made several new friends.

Then, the winter came.  That winter turned out to be one of the worst in Utah history.  It started snowing and it seemed like it would never stop.  My phone rang at 3:00 a.m. every day for an entire week.  I was exhausted.  My body ached.  I slept through my classes.  The work was hard and I was miserable.

That Saturday, after several hours of snow removal, management provided breakfast for all of the grounds crews.  I was sitting in the work truck, eating my breakfast and trying to stay warm, when I noticed one of the supervisors pointing at the sky and yelling as loudly and as joyously as he could, “Blue sky!  Blue sky!”  I looked up and saw a tiny break in the snow clouds and a gorgeous little bit of blue sky.

It didn’t last long.  The clouds gathered and the snow fell again.  But, it was a moment I’ve never forgotten.  No matter how stormy my situation seems, I can always find joy in a little bit of blue sky.


One thought on “Blue Sky

  1. I love this, Rachel, and just now, as the snow is falling here–AGAIN–I’m remembering blue sky, too. This winter we are blessed with the most snow here since 1898, or something like that. But we know the sky will be blue again.

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