The First Date


It was a Friday, December 11, 1964. The occasion was BYU’s Preference Ball. Lucile, who had no intention of asking someone herself, agreed to go to the dance with her roommate Gloria (whom everyone called Glo), Glo’s fiancee Norm and Norm’s roommate Eric. Lucile and Eric were in the same ward, but they hadn’t ever spoken to each other before.

The Preference Ball was a rather fancy event, so Lucile had her mother send the dress she had worn as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. The group went to dinner in Springville first, then to the dance, which was held on campus.

The next day, Saturday, Eric had a date with someone else.

On Sunday, Eric and Lucile attended a fireside together. As they walked to the fireside, Eric decided to test Lucile with a riddle. It was a riddle that he had read in an IQ book. He had already tested several people with it, but no one had been able to give him the correct answer. So, he asked Lucile, “What’s one more than half of what 30 is 10 less than?”

Lucile paused for just a moment, then said, “21.” Eric was extremely impressed and the two of them have been inseparable ever since.



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