Home Again

Editor’s Note: The material for this post was provided by Anna Hartvigsen and was originally posted on Family Tree.

Home Again by Blanche Jones


I stop the car before the sagging gate

I leave the engine running, set the brake

And run to tinker with the makeshift latch,

Swing wide the gate, my breath I catch.

I’m home again.


I hurry up the narrow path

Beneath the spreading, low-limbed tree.

I note the lilac bush in bloom,

The iris bunched and green along the wall,

The rosebush sprawled beneath the window sill.

My heart leaps with a sudden thrill.

I’m home again.


I push the key impatient in the lock

And swing the door wide in my haste to see

The old familiar things of couch and chest

And easy chairs and pictures hanging

On a wall of rock.

I’m home again.


The days go quickly, sped on wings of song.

The time has come for me to go once more.

I put each precious thing into its place,

Go quietly out and close the door.

And wonder will it be so very long before I’m home again.

“Mom had to leave her precious home in Leeds to live at Grand Canyon, Arizona (South Rim) when Dad’s work moved there. She longed for eight years to return to live in Leeds, coming home as often as time would allow.”  -Anna


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