Family Lore

Listed as one of 105 men aboard the Susan Constant who set sail from England in 1606, John Dods was one of the original settlers of Jamestown, Virginia.



John Dods survived the early hardships suffered by the Jamestown colonists and was said to be a great hunter and fur trader. Through his relations with the Indians, John was able to acquire much property.

Here is where it gets tricky. Multiple sources suggest that John Dods married Jane Eagle Plume, the daughter of one of the Powhatan Indian chiefs, Chief Eagle Plume. A simple internet search reveals multiple sources claiming this information is true. There are those who claim to have documentation regarding the relationship.

On the other hand, there are many others who suggest that information is false. Contrary sources find fault with all of the proposed evidence, even stating that there never was a Powhatan chief known as Chief Eagle Plume.

What is known is that in a muster of settlers, John Dods is named along with his wife Jane.  John and his wife, called Mrs. Dods, were also listed in the Tax List of James City on February 16, 1623, living near what is now Chesterfield, Virginia.

While proof that John and his wife ever had children is scarce, the tradition is that they had one son, Jesse Dodson, who later married Judith Hagger. They are supposed to be the parents of Charles. Charles Dodson, who was born around 1649 in Rappahannock County, Virginia, is the first proven ancestor in the Dodson family line. His descendants are vast and numerous and include soldiers in the Revolutionary War, emigrants in every westward movement and Tom Hanks.

The link between Charles Dodson and Lucile Eastman is as follows: Lucile Brimley – Lola Samantha Nelson – Samantha Madsen – Elizabeth Mary Jane Nelson – Thomas Billington Nelson – Jane Taylor – Thomas Billington Taylor – Eleanor Dodson – Greenham Dodson – Thomas Dodson – Charles Dodson



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