John Stinchfield

John Stinchfield was born in Leeds, England in 1715. At the age of 14, with his widowed father, John sailed to America and settled in Gloucester, Massachusetts. John met Elisabeth Burns on the ship and married her two years later. They had six children, five sons and a daughter, while living in Massachusetts.

In 1755, John moved his family to Maine to settle in a place they called New Gloucester. John and two of his sons were among a small number of men who constructed the block house, or fort, that served as a home to twelve families for about six years. John died in 1783.

The oldest son of John and Elisabeth Stinchfield, John Stinchfield Jr. married Mehitabel Winship in about 1760. Theirs was the first marriage performed in New Gloucester. They eventually had nine children. The John Stinchfield House, built in 1800, probably by their son John, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Thomas and Roger Stinchfield, also sons of John and Elisabeth, left New Gloucester in 1779 to settle in a place they called Leeds, after the birthplace of their father. Their log cabin was the first permanent structure in Leeds. Stinchfield Beach is located on the eastern shore of Androscoggin Lake in Leeds.



A note to researchers: The name Stinchfield varies in different records. In some cases it is spelled Stenchfield, in others Stanchfield.

The connection between Eric Eastman and John Stinchfield is as follows: Eric Eastman, Blanche Savilla Jones, Amy Sophronia Whitney, Job Hall Whitney, Frances Tufts Whitney, Rebecca Stinchfield, John Stinchfield Jr., John Stinchfield