Nathan Fish

Nathan Fish and his twin brother, Samuel, were born in Groton, Massachusetts on April 14, 1730, the illegitimate sons of Nathan Fish Sr. and Lydia Bennett. On February 2, 1729, Nathan Sr. appeared in court having been charged by Lydia Bennett who was, according to court records, “bigg with a bastard child begotten on her body by the said Nathan Fish.” Nathan Sr. was sentenced to pay “seven shillings per week until further notice and to pay half the charge of Lydia’s lying in.” Lydia was fined fifty shillings for fornication.

This was not Lydia’s first court appearance. She appeared in the Court of General Sessions of the Peace on May 14, 1729. At that time, she was fined thirty shillings. Apparently, Lydia had another illegitimate child, a daughter named Esther, in 1725 or 1726.

This was also not Nathan Sr.’s only appearance in court. Nathan married Patience Shattuck on October 2, 1730. Patience gave birth to the couple’s first child only four months later. Nathan Sr. and Patience were both ordered to appear in court and both were charged with fornication.

Despite the questionable ethics of his parents, Nathan Fish was a respected member of his community who worked in his profession as a cooper. Nathan married Mary “Molly” Pierce in November 1757. They had seven children. Nathan served with his brother Samuel in the French & Indian War.

Nathan was also an active participant in the American Revolution. He was a Minuteman who marched in response to the alarm raised by Paul Revere on April 19, 1775. paul_revere_ride




Nathan also fought in the famous Battle at Bunker Hill. Although he survived the battle, Nathan died soon after, possibly from injuries he sustained during the fighting. He died in January 1776.

The connection between Eric Eastman and Nathan Fish is as follows: Eric Eastman – Blanche Savilla Jones – Amy Sophronia Whitney – Elizabeth Jane West – Betsey Jane Fish – Horace Fish – Joseph Fish – Nathan Fish



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