Seth Jones

When the Civil War broke out, Seth Jones was 16 years old. Anxious to join the fighting, he lied about his age in order to enlist and became a soldier in the Illinois 113th Company B. Seth served for three years and was one of only 27 members of his company to survive the war. He participated in the crucial Battle of Vicksburg, where his division was part of General Grant’s army.


At the end of the war, Seth returned home to Illinois. Born in Iroquois County in 1845, Seth was accustomed to a life of pioneering and farming. With his wife Savilla, Seth moved from Illinois to Missouri to Illinois again and to Indiana, farming and raising a family, which eventually included eight children.

While living in Indiana, the Jones family met two Mormon missionaries. Seth and his family were happy to learn of the new religion and soon joined the church. Eager to join the body of the Saints, the Jones family moved to Sanford, Colorado in 1890 and contributed to the colonization of that area. After 14 years, Seth and his family moved to Byron, Wyoming where they helped to settle that area as well.


In 1920, Seth and Savilla returned to Illinois for a visit. While there, Savilla was killed in a car accident.  Seth died 19 years later, in April 1939.

The research for this post was done by Matt and can be found here:

The connection between Eric Eastman and Seth Jones is as follows: Eric Eastman – Blanche Savilla Jones – Edwin Hyrum Jones – Seth W Jones


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