At the Movies

I have been telling this story for many years. Apparently, though, I never told my family. (I’m pretty sure I had. They just didn’t remember). When I told them tonight, they laughed and laughed. I thought maybe I should share it here, for those who may not have heard it.

When I was about four years old, Anne took me to see a movie. I’m pretty sure it was The Rescuers. The movie had just started, the theater was dark, and a lady came in and sat down on me. I, admittedly, don’t take up very much space. When I was four, I suppose I could have been mistaken for an empty chair. After a minute or two, when the lady remained completely unaware that she was sitting on me, I whispered to Anne, “Anne, this lady is sitting on me!” Anne turned to the lady and said, “Excuse me, but I think you’re sitting on someone.” The lady, with quite a bit of embarrassment, got up to find another seat.


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