Road Trip

It’s no secret that, for our family, the preferred method of vacation travel is a road trip.  We love to load up the car and head out. It’s a pleasure to be able to go at our pace, see the beautiful country we live in, spend time together as a family and create new memories every time we do it. A good road trip also reminds me of the vacations I took with my family when I was a kid. Those memories are priceless to me.

In June 2007, we were headed to Utah for Jed & Heather’s wedding. We left Denver in the morning and were driving north to Wyoming. I wrote the following in my journal:

“The last time we made this drive, on the return trip, Maggie was sure she saw some camels just south of Cheyenne. We all dismissed that as an impossibility and told her they were probably llamas. So, this time, as we approached Cheyenne, we looked for camels. And there they were! Camels! We laughed about that and apologized to Maggie and stopped paying attention to the road (also, I was reading Where the Red Fern Grows to the kids. It was the end of the book and I was crying and Jeff was crying) and missed a major turn and didn’t even notice. By the time we realized, we had gone the wrong way for nearly an hour. We had to adjust our route and ended up adding four hours to our drive. But, we saw some amazing things.

“We followed the Platte River for a long time and even had a picnic on its banks. It was beautiful!

North Platte River

“We also saw Independence Rock, which is so named because the wagon companies knew if they arrived there for Independence Day, they could safely make their destination before the winter storms.


“It was a fun diversion and another good road trip memory.”


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