Little League

I found this in my journal.  It’s dated January 20, 1993:

“Today at work, I was remembering Hebe’s last game and I thought it would be fun to write it down.

It was the championship game.  Hebe’s team, the Blue Jays, had finished in first place in the regular season and they had one more game to win in order to finish first in tournament play as well.  However, they had to play the Yankees, the only team they had never defeated.

During the first two innings, Jake, the Jays pitcher, was really wild and gave up a lot of runs.  After that, he settled down and the Jays’ hitters started chipping away at the Yankees’ enormous lead.  Going into the last inning, the Yankees were ahead 14-6.

Hebe had been in a wicked slump all season, but before the game, he and Alex had spent a long time in the backyard, working on Hebe’s hitting.

His first time up that inning, Hebe walked and scored.  Then, everyone starting hitting or getting on base and scoring.  Mom and I started getting nervous, hoping that Hebe wouldn’t come up again.  We didn’t want him to make the last out.  But, he did come up again. It was 14-13, the bases were loaded and there were two outs.  Alex was standing against the fence, bouncing with nervous energy.  The situation was really tense.

And then, I’ll never forget it, Hebe got the most beautiful hit right over the second baseman’s head and into center field.  Hebe threw his fist into the air and ran to first.  Two men scored.  The players ran onto the field, jumping and yelling.  Mom screamed.  I screamed.  Alex had tears streaming down his face.  It was baseball at its best.  It was family at its best, too.”


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