At the Johnson House #1

Roundtable Discussion is something that we do as a family, every Sunday after dinner.  During Roundtable, we talk about the best and the worst of the week before, we calendar for the coming week, we make announcements and we talk about any issues that we may have.

A few weeks ago, I decided to add a Family History Moment to our Roundtable Discussion.    I told my kids that I thought it would be fun for them to know some of the things that I remember about my family.  I invited Jeff to do the same.  We take turns; I share something one week, he shares the next.  So far, we have shared minor details.  I have told them about singing The Old Bass Viol with Grandpa.  I told them how much I used to love listening to the Onion Street Singers rehearsing at our house.  Jeff talked about his grandpa, who used to work in a candy factory and the time his dad jumped out of the window at school and ran home.

Their response was immediate and amazing.  They have been incredibly attentive and really interested in all that we have to say.  A couple of weeks ago, when it came time for our Family History Moment, Noah said, “Yes!  I love Family History!”

Their reaction was really my primary motivation for starting this project.  I am newly aware of how interesting minor details can be.  Those are the things that I hope to share.  I hope that you will have the desire to share yours, too.


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